As CEO of HELP 4 HOMELESS VETERANS charity no 1148155 it gives me great pleasure to announce two new members of our team.
Firstly, Samantha Bumford has returned to us to continue the amazing ambassadorial work she did for us previously including that infamous Wing Walk. I remain in awe of her bravery for that alone. Sam is a reigning Beauty Queen and proudly displays our charity logo on her sash raising awareness of our work wherever she travels around the Country. Welcome Back Sam, I am sure you will rise even above the heights you already reached for us in the coming months.
Secondly, a old professional and later personal friend of mine David Winterburn who is the Founder & Managing Director at HARRISON WINTERBURN Ltd in Leeds. We have history going back over 20 years, and I am confident, that just like Sam, and not forgetting our other lady Ambassador AMBER GUYMER-HOSKING, he will by using his connections in the highest echelons of national businesses raise awareness and attract substantial support in time.
That concludes the new line up of AMBASSADORS for HELP 4 HOMELESS VETERANS. Please join me in welcoming them.