HELP 4 HOMELESS VETERANS charity is based in Yorkshire and the majority of our work is here in the North of England.  When possible we will attempt to assist veterans elsewhere too,  but they should also seek advice through the Veterans Gateway on alternative support groups in other areas that may be better placed with local networks to assist them.

Our charity’s work received Royal recognition on 24th April 2018 when Prince Andrew presented us with the DUKE OF YORK COMMUNITY INITIATIVE AWARD

We support former members of HM FORCES  (VETERANS) facing homelessness.  We are based in South Yorkshire and have working agreements through Barnsley Council  (Berneslai Homes) and Doncaster Council (St Leger Homes) to rent some of their housing stock and then sub let to our veterans at cost ie we make no profit on the rents and often stand the cost whilst benefits are sorted or the veteran can afford their own rent again.

The charity is a member of Cobseo, a signatory to the Corporate Covenant and a member of the Community Covenant Veterans Support Groups in Barnsley and Doncaster.  Our annual reports and accounts are available to view on the Charity Commission and Companies House Web sites.

Our unique selling point is that we are small enough to react quickly; if we can help someone who contacts us it happens fast, if we are unable to help directly we will always refer enquirers to another organisation usually through the VETERANS GATEWAY who may be able to provide assistance.

We raise funds ourselves to allow us to offer assistance to veterans in need. we don’t work with any professional fundraisers

Since the charity was created it has helped almost 500 veterans with their housing problems.  We can only continue this essential work because of  grants from supporters and donations from the general public.

If you wish to donate or have a fund raising idea please contact us (see below) or click on the JUST GIVING Link here:


Below you will find a message from one of our recent veterans we provided shelter to.

Thank you H4HV I was sleeping rough in my car, you put me in a B & B for nearly two weeks until you paid the first months rent on a property and then gave me a grant to purchase a bed and other essential household equipment.

All our current activities can be viewed on our Facebook Page.

Veterans Gateway on 0808 802 1212 or via their web site click on the link below:
Veterans Gateway