South Yorkshire based
HELP 4 HOMELESS VETERANS charity no 1148155’s work has been supported financially 3 times since 2017 by THE ABF SOLDIERS CHARITY.
I am very pleased to announce that despite greater calls on all charitable resources, the ABF has just made us a fresh grant of £10,000-00.
This will assist us to carry on helping struggling former Soldiers within our area of operations.
Thank you ABF awards committee for recognising once again the remarkable rapid reactions our tiny team make and helping to cover our costs.
We really appreciate your help.



Thank you everyone who came along and supported Amber on 1st June 2024.

We also all read some poetry and everyone picked and read the poems beautifully.

Event run to raise funds for H4HV and the
Lord Kitchener Memorial Holiday Centre – Lowestoft

The 2 books of poems are available to order by contacting Amber Guymer-Hosking on



Thank you to former WRAF member Cllr Sheila Cowen the newly installed Rotherham Mayor, who despite being ever so busy today found 5 minutes to come and say hello to Marion Bates and myself as I’d run out of steam and needed to park myself!
Seen here sat at our Help 4 Homeless Veterans bench we presented to the Council a couple of Mayors ago.
Caringly watched over by our own Trustee and past Mayor Cllr Eve Rose Keenan.
Delighted to be one of the new Mayors’ chosen charities for her year in office.




Charity number 1148155

CEO Steve Bentham-Bates BA Hons

c/o BCVS 23 Queens Rd Barnsley S71 1AN

07305 260798

30th April 2024


This period has been for the charity, one of its most challenging since I took control in 2015. We have made several decisions regrouping, taking the charity back to basics to ensure that we can continue to provide the coal-face assistance to vulnerable homeless veterans when they need it our Founder set out to do when he created H4HV back in 2010.

Like many other organizations, we have faced higher costs necessitating some difficult decisions by the Trustees, thus enabling us to continue providing our core support to homeless veterans, that of paying initial rents and bonds and helping them set up homes.

Last year we made the realistic decision to withdraw from covering all of England and Wales to the 4 Yorkshire Counties and North and Northeast Lincolnshire, essentially the Yorkshire & The Humber regions.

That has proved to be a sound decision enabling us to focus our limited resources. This wasn’t purely a financial call, with the introduction of OP FORTITUDE last July and the growth of similar regional charities to ours in various other areas, it was and remains the correct change of policy.

We introduced our DROP-IN support centre in Barnsley 2 years ago, but it never really gained the support from local veterans, the footfall didn’t justify the expense of keeping it open, so we closed that in February this year releasing £10k + a year to be spent on homeless veterans.

Likewise, the two vehicles: a display van and a minibus have not paid their way, so again we have sold them to top up our cash reserves to be used for our core work supporting vulnerable veterans

Due to a 50% increase in rent and utility bills for the storage lock-up we recently took the decision to cancel that agreement, releasing sufficient monthly funds to cover another veterans rent bill, again our core work. Instead of storing items ready for issue we now buy and have delivered if necessary items such as fridges cookers etc to the veterans new homes.

The average cost of supporting each veteran we assist has risen. Two recent examples, a former RA soldier we paid out over £1400, and another ex-infantry soldier over £906 in rents. Compared to a couple of years ago when it usually cost around £600 to help one veteran you can appreciate the additional funding stress we face.

Notwithstanding all of the above, the good news is that during this 12-month period, 56 veterans have benefited from our rapid support. The oldest was a 73-year-old former Green Howard Northern Ireland veteran.

In addition, we have steered 6 veterans towards Op Fortitude due to their circumstances needing greater support i.e. supported housing help.

Moving forward:

I have agreed with the trustees to work until June 2025 my 70th birthday to complete financial year starting 1st May 2024.

Last week after 14 years of selfless voluntary service our Founder Tom Wood MBE retired due to serious health issues.

We also received the MOD Employer Recognition Scheme Bronze Award.

We have sufficient reserves to enable us to plan ahead for at least 12 months, a strong position for a charity of our size. Our unrestricted funds are healthy because of the support you the public give.

So at this point I wish to thank everyone who has fundraised for us this year in a variety of ways, including some of our own trustees and volunteers abseiling 150 feet in the dark at Magna Centre.

Also, once again THE VETERANS FOUNDATION has provided help that we would like to thank them for. This includes another 2 years of funding towards the FARM THERAPY PROJECT we work on with my old RAF Regt colleague Jamie Quinn.

Despite the serious health conditions requiring regular hospital visits/treatments of our Founder, he continued to provide ongoing rapid reactions to requests for our charitable assistance.

But this leaves a massive gap in our team and I will be seeking a couple of volunteers to join us.

Sadly, one of our key volunteers: Mrs Diane Martin, passed away in January, and it is with Diane in mind that I dedicate the work of Help 4 Homeless Veterans charity to you the reader this year.

Steve Bentham-Bates

Founder Tom Wood MBE


Founder Stands Down

Since creating H4HV in 2010 Founder Tom Wood MBE, despite major health concerns has not stopped.

Sadly he stood down on 24th April 2024 after his latest hospital appointment sending us this message:I’m really sorry but as things stand, I will have to step away from the charity something I never envisaged doing, but they said stress & lifting are major factors…..

I now need to spend time with Jean without distractions. Jean is also struggling to walk due to osteoarthritis in her hip and awaiting to see the specialist.

Wishing you and the charity all the best for the future from both myself and Jean


Dear Tom and Jean

A sad day for you both but also for the charity that you two created starting in 2010 and converting to charitable status in 2012. Starting up a charity is a massive thing. Not many can do that and I count myself in that number. To get it running beyond years 1 and 2 is uncommon, many new starts never get past this point.

To run it for 5 years virtually alone before employing someone to carry the burden particularly when facing very worrying health conditions is amazing. Since 2015 you Jean and the charity have received well-deserved formal recognition including 2 team Royal Awards and your own MBE. Outstanding in anyone’s book.

The total number of veterans receiving help from our charity is around the 1000 mark. Many lives changed for the better because of what you started. Brilliant. Your health has deteriorated, I know we physically cannot do things we did a few years ago to help veterans any longer. But those houses we prepared cleaned furnished then eventually cleared were real homes for vulnerable veterans when they were needed. Fantastic. Your decision to stand down and I know this as we have discussed this moment numerous times, has been very very hard for you. But I believe as I have also spoken to Jean that this is the correct decision for you both. I hope forthcoming medical treatments give you quality and quantity of life.

The Trustees will be discussing the future of the charity at the forthcoming extraordinary general meeting.I have agreed to work subject to my own health holding up until June 2025. From the meeting onwards things will be different as without your support I will need help whichever way trustees choose to steer us.

Thank you for putting your trust in me in 2015 to share the highs and few lows of running your charity. Finally be proud of Help 4 Homeless Veterans your creation and all we have achieved to date. You can walk away with your heads held sky high. Your friend through thick and thin


Presentation of High Sherriff of Suffolk Unsung Hero Award


Well they’ve only gone and done it.
Well done Eve Rose Keenan Sarah Jane Sidebottom Craig Chudley and Melissa Nicole Foster Total amount raised not yet calculated but it will be well above £1000. Here are a few photos of them before during and after the 150 foot drop.


It is now clear this is not the best use of charity cash, we have given it nearly 2 years to prove its value, unfortunately the interest has not been there to sustain the service.

H4HV charity will concentrate its efforts on our core work providing rapid support to veterans in our area facing homelessness which goes on unabated as we are currently working with 3 homeless veterans here in Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.



On behalf of myself and all the Trustees Ambassadors and Volunteers we would like to wish everyone especially those generous people who have supported us this year and all the veterans who have benefitted from our support a very Merry Christmas and a happy healthy 2024.

The work goes on albeit slightly less busy than in the unprecedented last reporting year, but we remain in a strong position to meet all of our charitable objectives as we go into 2024.

Catcliffe Veterans Flood Extra Help

South Yorkshire based Help 4 Homeless Veterans charity’s  CEO Steve Bentham-Bates recently advised RMBC officers that any Veteran of HM Armed Forces whose home in Catcliffe has been flooded qualifies for Council financial support.

i:e “Water is above floor level in habitable areas of the house”.

Can apply for an extra £300 charity grant from us to help replace damaged household goods.

Councillor Eve Rose Keenan the RMBC Armed Forces Champion and a trustee of H4HV welcomed the additional support being offered to local veterans affected during such a desperate time.

Eligible Veterans should contact: