Founder Stands Down

Since creating H4HV in 2010 Founder Tom Wood MBE, despite major health concerns has not stopped.

Sadly he stood down on 24th April 2024 after his latest hospital appointment sending us this message:I’m really sorry but as things stand, I will have to step away from the charity something I never envisaged doing, but they said stress & lifting are major factors…..

I now need to spend time with Jean without distractions. Jean is also struggling to walk due to osteoarthritis in her hip and awaiting to see the specialist.

Wishing you and the charity all the best for the future from both myself and Jean


Dear Tom and Jean

A sad day for you both but also for the charity that you two created starting in 2010 and converting to charitable status in 2012. Starting up a charity is a massive thing. Not many can do that and I count myself in that number. To get it running beyond years 1 and 2 is uncommon, many new starts never get past this point.

To run it for 5 years virtually alone before employing someone to carry the burden particularly when facing very worrying health conditions is amazing. Since 2015 you Jean and the charity have received well-deserved formal recognition including 2 team Royal Awards and your own MBE. Outstanding in anyone’s book.

The total number of veterans receiving help from our charity is around the 1000 mark. Many lives changed for the better because of what you started. Brilliant. Your health has deteriorated, I know we physically cannot do things we did a few years ago to help veterans any longer. But those houses we prepared cleaned furnished then eventually cleared were real homes for vulnerable veterans when they were needed. Fantastic. Your decision to stand down and I know this as we have discussed this moment numerous times, has been very very hard for you. But I believe as I have also spoken to Jean that this is the correct decision for you both. I hope forthcoming medical treatments give you quality and quantity of life.

The Trustees will be discussing the future of the charity at the forthcoming extraordinary general meeting.I have agreed to work subject to my own health holding up until June 2025. From the meeting onwards things will be different as without your support I will need help whichever way trustees choose to steer us.

Thank you for putting your trust in me in 2015 to share the highs and few lows of running your charity. Finally be proud of Help 4 Homeless Veterans your creation and all we have achieved to date. You can walk away with your heads held sky high. Your friend through thick and thin




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