Thank you messages

Take a look at some of the thank you messages Help 4 Homeless Veterans has received over the years. 


March 2023

Morning Steve,

Thank you so much for all you have done for me and continue to  over the coming months. I know I was the rare case out of your area that you took on and I am completely full of gratitude. I don’t think there is is any words nor acts that I could possible say nor give for you to ever know the true depths of how thankful I am for helping and supporting me get here where I am. I am so thankful, I am so full of gratitude.

When I’ve moved I want to go therapy farm when you have the next date. You and Eve are guardian angels. I genuinely believe that of all the bad hands I’ve had dealt you two were good ones and have aided me on a path of light,  I am forever grateful 😭🥰

Jan 2023

I just want you to know my thoughts over the last 72 hours I just feel like you’ve been sent to me to help me when I’m not actually sure you understand how this makes me feel right now (full of gratitude) I feel like you’re a angel and if all the ‘shut’ hands I’ve had dealt you’re a good one. I’d like to take any support.

Nov 2022

Hi Steve,
I would like to say how quickly Steve at Help for Homeless Veterans came to my help by offering immediate assistance when I needed it. Too many organisations take too long to offer crisis support and so the offer from Steve to pay my first month’s rent was very much appreciated and took a weight off my mind. Timely support is absolutely vital in being able to get you back on your feet when a crisis happens. Thank you.

Oct 2022

My fellow veterans I would like to thank you people with the help you gave to me .I really appreciate and you gave me a hope that you are there for me .Its been amazing .I went this morning at a drop in office ,Tom ,Andy and Diane they have given me £50 to buy electricity and gas and plenty loads of food .That’s same as yesterday they gave me £30 gift card and £10 to top up my electricity. You have created a very big smile and a confident on me now knowing that I have people looking after me as I live here in Barnsley with no friends and family. Now I feel.i can help the charity in return in future

16 Feb 22 – EX RAC QRL

I would like to thank everyone at help 4 homeless Veterans
Without your support I would still be homeless thanks so much for your support in my time of need. I now have a flat which help 4 homeless veterans helped me get and provided me with a cooker, fridge freezer, kitchen set, microwave hoover and kettle. 
As well as doing the forms and applying for me to get a grant available to veterans through the Rotherham council. Which got my bed bedding washer and mattress delivered from the council.
So once again a big thank you from me to the whole team.

21 Jan 22 – Worcester and Sherwood Forester Rotherham

I’d like to say a huge thanks to everyone involved with help 4 homeless veterans for all they have done to help me get off the streets and into warm accomodation where i can shower and rest after months of homelessness, even providing me with shopping money and a tv to keep me entertained im my place, once again thank you all for giving me a chance to rebuild my life and a hope for the future.

10th Jan 22 – London support for food and electric

I am a ex para of 3rd Battalion parachute regiment. I have recently lost my job through covid and found myself in some financial difficulties. The charity only took a very short time to respond to my request for help and went out of their way to organise some help. I am very grateful for this.

6 Oct 21 – Veteran Support

I would just like to thank H4HV for all there help they have given me and my family, I joined the Army in 2011 within the REME, I served for over 6 years for my cap badge being attached and deployed to various other countries and cap badges.

I left the British Army and settled into my new life, then unfortunately COVID-19 hit me hard, meaning I had found myself with financial difficulties, I had spoke to numerous sources who recommended H4HV, so I applied via there easy to use website, within a matter of hours I had a lovely phone call from the team at H4HV assuring me that everything will be ok and they will help me throughout these dark times, which I felt would never go away, over the next few months they have helped me sort out my financial difficulties and went beyond by being there just to talk too throughout these hard times.

H4HV have stepped up and paid my first month’s rent on a property to give us a second chance and this is all thanks to any donations they receive.

Myself and my family are really fortunate to be given another chance for a bright future and it’s thanks to H4HV for that!

This charity really has changed my life and my familys.

Oct 21 – Veteran Support

Good afternoon,

I would like to thank help4homelessveterans for supporting me in the tough situation I find myself in. Within minutes of me emailing them I recieved a friendly phone call explaining who they are and how they could assist me. An hour later I had a face to face chat while being supplied with food and cleaning supplies including a hoover.

They have gone above and beyond in the short amount of time, inviting me to days out at the therapy farm and offering to cover fuel and food cost for the day. I cant praise them enough and I am truly grateful there are organisations like this that can help assist people in need.

2021 – Ex Yorkshire Reg

I would like to say a special thank you to Help 4 Homeless Veterans. When ex-service personnel find themselves at absolute rock bottom it is nice to know that there is a charity that really cares.

2021 – Ex REME

Help 4 Homeless Veterans have given me so much support to help me start with my own tenancy it’s amazing.

I really can’t thank them enough for everything they have done for me.

May 2021 – Ex Royal Navy

I can’t thank you all enough for the help I’ve received from you. Still very overwhelmed. Thank you thank you xx

2 Feb 2021 – NI Veteran 

Imagine being 71 years old, in poor physical and mental health. You have served your country on front line active service and worked and paid taxes all your life. Suddenly, through no fault of your own you are about to be made homeless and put on the streets in the middle of winter and the worst pandemic known in human history.

Who is there? The government, your MP? The council? Perhaps some large charity organisation?

They all talk the talk, they all profess a moral interest. So, in such deep disparity and life dependent criticality who walks the walk?

Who acts for your right to independence and dignity? In Great Britain 2020/21 the fact is only two charities have the humanity and care to actually be there for me:


two tiny, drastically underfunded voluntary organisations – God bless you brothers and shame on sell out Britain!

Life really was a blur of despair, horror and illness and my only memory is of my brothers who actually came to see me especially Fergus but it really was like the arrival of a rescue crew in the bleak emptiness.

I am now starting a new life thanks to the financial assistance from H4HV who sent me money on Christmas Eve and provided funds to cover my move to Nottingham and my first months rent to help me restart.

It’s daunting but I now have the strength to use my own abilities to move on. I genuinely thank you all for my life. You were there. No one else was!

March 2022 – Ex Para Rotherham

I would like to thank Help 4 Homeless Veterans for being there when I most needed them. My circumstances change rapidly and I was made Homeless. I managed by sleeping in the office by remaining behind after work, but this was not sustainable, and I would have soon been on the streets. I had no real access to funds due to a Family issue. I was advised to contact Help For Homeless Veterans. Having Steve and the team to help me acquire and pay for a new Apartment was a life saver. I served 12 years with the Parachute Regiment and served in Northern Ireland on multiple occasions,Kenya,Belize and was a recruit instructor at the Depot of the parachute , I never though I would need such help, but when I did, H4HV where there. They gave me cooking equipment, Micro Wave ,Kettle cutlery, iron and a TV, and more importantly they gave me back my dignity. Please Help support this fantastic organization, without there help and support I don’t know where I would be today. Regards

Sep 2020 – Irish Guards

Hi steve

I can not thank you enough for your kindness and support. Your amazing immediate response to offer to help me.

I served in 2 Rifles for 9 years including tours. Due to Covid19 and family stresses. I experienced a relationship breakdown. I became homeless I am now thankfully in supported housing to help source help and ongoing treatment. Thank you Steve and Help for homeless veterans without your support my mental health would heighten not being able to see my daughter.

I don’t think you realise the difference you make to someone like me who is rock bottom.

I cannot thank you all enough

 2020 – Veteran Green Howard in North Yorkshire

Dear Steve,

I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to yourself and the help I received from Help4Homelessvetrans. After twelve years of marriage I found myself homeless and with no money to my name, I had nowhere to go , the local council could not offer me anywhere to live that was close to work, they said I would have to private rent, I found a property but could not afford the bond that they were asking for.

That is where H4HV stepped in and told me that they would be able to pay my bond for me, I now move in to my apartment on Friday,

I owe H4HV a debt of gratitude, if it wasn’t for your help I would still be homeless, and possibly would have ended my life with everything that has happened to me.

Thank you Steve from the bottom of my heart, and if there is ever anything I can help your charity with you have only to ask.

And also helping me out with my TV licence, while I build my life back up, it is one thing I don’t have to worry about.

Thank you so much and keep up the great work.

2020 – WORKSOP

It’s been a great experience dealing with you guys and a real life saver I would love to share my experiences with other people to help fundraise.